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Class Schedule

Available Classes

Joe’s motorcycle training Basic Rider Course (BRC):

Registration includes both days!

The basic motorcycle training consists of 16 hours of training., 8 hours of practical exercises and range training (and some class time) on Saturday and Sunday. Upon successful completion of training students will be given a card and be able to get the motorcycle license endorsement. We also forward passing tests to the State via computer so you can get your license the next day even without the card.

For students under 18 years old will require parents signature on the waiver form

Class Schedule:

Normal class times are 7:30am – 4pm, Ocala is 8am – 4:30pm


RideatJoe’s supplies the following:

1. All classroom material (books, pens, and paper)
2. Motorcycles (250cc bikes that are good for beginners and fun to ride)
3. Gloves (you can bring your own full fingered gloves if desired)
4. Helmets (you can bring your own DOT helmet if desired)
5. Professional training

You supply:
1. Valid drivers license (if under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the waiver form)
2. Sturdy over the ankle shoes/boots
3. Long sleeve shirt
4. Long pants
5. Attention

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