About Us




NO surprise fees and NO additional charges.

We offer weekday and weekend classes in just 2 days, convenient schedules to best fit your busy schedule, and we have the only night class in the entire Tampa Florida area. The evening class is in three short evenings. We are about safe riding and saving lives. We impart solid learning skills and have a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. All of our prices are out-the-door prices which means NO surprise fees and NO additional charges upon arrival, like some places.  AND there is no sales tax! We also give you free follow-up training after your initial course if you want more practice.


We have an examination pass rate of over 98% and give a free re-test if needed.

We opened in 2009 with one school and quickly became the school of choice due to our 2 day class, reasonable prices with no gimmicks, and superb training & coaching staff. Now we operate multiple schools and multiple classes for your convenience and provide reliable and honest service to the community. We have been featured on news broadcasts and are routinely called upon as motorcycling subject matter experts for tv, books, and court cases. We typically operate in motorcycle dealerships because of our reliability and professionalism.

We are about saving lives and helping people learn while having fun.  We even provide FREE BOTTLED WATER while other schools make you drink from a public water fountain or vat they fill in a restroom.  You are better than that and we treat our customers right.  We get people who may go to another school/class first, then realize their mistake and come to us for our honesty, positive and patient learning atmosphere.  While others tear you down, we build  you up.  We build riding confidence instead of giving you attitude.  It’s about doing the right thing and it shows.